Fall has been quite the season for Thompson Carr Auctions! Everyone must be in the auction spirit because we have sold a little bit of everything… houses, subdivision lots, heavy machinery, vehicles, campers, furniture, antiques and much MUCH more! 

The month of October started out with a storage auction with anything and everything you can imagine. The weather was far from perfect that day, but that didn’t keep the bidders away. Unfortunately, we were not able to sell everything due to the buckets of rain water pouring down, so we later had an online auction to wrap it up! 🙂


On  October 17th we travelled to Seymour to sell 16 prime residential homesites in the Sawyer’s Green subdivision. The day started off with finding out our auction sign had been taken down and our newspaper ad didn’t run… But who can complain with a view like that? 🙂


Todd’s precious Jimbo Whaley and Greenbrier CD went missing that day, and we have yet to find it. Tragic. Really… auctions truly are not the same without it. 😉

On  October 24th we sold a house in Pigeon Forge. The Diltz Estate… 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick home with that 60’s decor charm.


The morning started off a little chilly… Everyone had their coffee and hot chocolate in hand. 🙂

Todd began the sale with a little personal property. Some books, a neat chair from Mexico, coffee tables, a bedroom set, and some odds and ends. Then we got to the house… the reason for getting everyone out of bed early on a Saturday morning. 😉 We had quite a few people interested in the cute little Diltz Home… But there can only be one lucky winner!

On the October 31st we sold construction equipment for Short Builders Inc. The morning started off a little on the chilly side… Ok, it was freezing, but the bidder participation was great! 74 registered bidders!


We had 130 cataloged items and some other odds and ends. Let’s just say, this was a pretty lengthy auction. Todd and Brian took turns calling while Gary and Bryan worked the ring.

They sold it all! Right down to the last safety fence and street sign

On November 7th we sold an estate in White Pine Tennessee.


It was a typical November day… A little on the chilly side with rain, BUT we had a great auction crowd… so great that we almost ran out of bidder cards. 🙂


We sold dishes, rocking chairs, cars, an ATV, furniture and much more!


It was a very good day in White Pine. The house sold along with all of the personal property!

Thank you to all who came out and participated in our Fall auctions! 🙂