Saturday, July 25, 2015 

On Saturday, July 25th Thompson Carr set out on what sounds like an adventure to sell estate #2 for the McCoig family. This time on Blowing Cave Road… Which some claim is “Rattle Snake Country” … But the only “wildlife” we had to deal with were these cute little things called Chiggers


The morning started out a little bit easier than the week before. The weather was beautiful and the property was covered in shade trees.

We all gathered in the small field (along with the chiggers) to get the auction started.

Brian Gamble was the auctioneer for the day while Todd, Gary, and Ben worked as bid spotters.


Mr. McCoig had a very large collection of antiques and other collectibles. Among his collection was an antique seed planter, an old Coca-Cola cooler, saw horses, furniture, antique windows, and a cute little red wagon. We sold it all!



With all the personal property sold, it was time to move on to the land! Approximately 50 Acres sold in 14 parcels. One lot included a charming rustic cabin… which looked like it jumped right out of a Little House on the Prairie book! Another had the historic McCoig Moonshine Cave located on it!


Everyone was dying to get a piece of this beautiful land! We sold all 50 acres…Rattle Snakes and all. 😉


Thank you to all who came out and participated!